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Eavesdrop on animal orchestras around the world with amazing interactive experience

Ever wake up in the morning with the windows open and instantly know you’re not home by the sounds you hear?

Though that sensation can easily bring pangs of homesickness, adventurous spirits can open their aural vistas thanks to a project by “bioacoustician” Bernie Krause and Fondation Cartier called The Great Animal Orchestra.

As Treehugger’s Kimberley Mok explained:

Listeners can explore the different layers of sounds that make up the biological cacophonies (“biophanies”) of various regions. Krause, who also narrates the stories behind the collected audio samples, gives a tour of sounds in five locations: the Yukon Delta Refuge in Alaska; Ontario, Canada’s Algonquin Park; California’s Lincoln Meadow; the marine depths of the Pacific Rim and the rugged, pristine wilderness of Gonarezhou, Zimbabwe.

Try it out here.

Full story at The Great Animal Orchestra via Treehugger.

Sounds of nature.

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