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Edible iPhone protection


Who cares about saying “Hello” when you could be saying “YUM!” with these gummy iPhone cases straight from the country that brought us Gangnam style.

All we can say, South Korea, is keep’em comin’!

[T]he coolest part of the Edible Gummy iPhone Case is that you can just eat it bit by bit or all at once, all the while enjoying the protection it’s providing for your iPhone. Oh, and don’t worry, the Edible Gummy iPhone Case won’t leave any residue on your iPhone (unless you suck on it while it is still on the phone, in which case you’re a sillyhead). Get one now and banish hunger and protect your iPhone all with one delicious Edible Gummy iPhone Case.

So, next time the conversation lags or you just have an uncontrollable craving for the delectable taste of Kimchi, look no farther than your iPhone for satisfaction.

Just don’t talk with your mouth full.

Full story at ThinkGeek.

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