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Egg-straordinary relationship between personality and egg preference


We all love to draw conclusions about what one’s preferences say about their personality, whether scientifically accurate or not, but a recent study of more than a thousand Britons revealed how ordering eggs says a lot more about a person than simply that they’re hungry.

Here’s a small sampling of the findings as reported by The Telegraph:

– It was discovered that the average poached egg-eater is likely to have two children and no more than one sibling and is more likely to be a woman than a man.

– Boiled egg-eaters had a tendency to be careless and impulsive.

– Fried egg-eaters are most likely to be younger and male and most frequently found among the skilled working classes.

– Scrambled egg-eaters are more likely than other types to be in managerial or senior-level jobs and also to own their own home, and omelette eaters are likely to have a tidy home.

Full story at The Telegraph.

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