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Entrepreneur shares the 17 things he wish he’d known when starting off


Neil Patel grew up in a family filled with entrepreneurs, but even with startup experts surrounding him, he still had to learn a few hard lessons on his journey to business success.

Patel shares the 17 things he wish he had known when starting his first business with GeekWire in an insightful post for anyone looking to break out on their own.

A sampling of advice to get started:

Solve Problems Customers Are Facing

My really first successful company was Crazy Egg. It was successful because my business partner and I realized that the best way to build a business was to find some problem people or companies have and try to solve that problem.

Besides, it makes it really easy to close sales when you can show a potential client what their problem is and how your product solves that problem. The best businesses are the ones that solve problems.

Go After the Big Guys

One thing I like to tell people is to offer to do the work for a small paying client for free if they can make an introduction for you to a large paying company.

Does doing work for free scare you? Think about it this way, if that small company is paying you $5,000 a month, but that large company can pay you $100,000, you will make $95,000 more.

That’s a huge increase in income, so think big and go after the big guys!

Never Stop Closing

One of the most important things to remember when you are building a business is that you must always be looking for clients and ways to get them to work with you.

Never get comfortable because you have a handful of clients locked down or you have momentum with your software product.

It’s so important to constantly network, look for business and sell people on working with you. And if you get in a situation where you can’t handle the extra workload, hire temporary help to handle it until you can justify bringing in more people.

Full list at GeekWire.

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