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Evolution of the Selfie-Obsessed Generation

Although the term “selfie” was just added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013, its origins go way back to the 1400s. In these pre-camera times, artists had self-portraits they could paint. Selfies went down a notch with Polaroids and disposable cameras since film was wasted on finger-blocked, half-face shots, but they came back strong once digital cameras were readily available. It wasn’t until the front-facing camera that all of the selfies we know and love came to overpopulate our social media feeds. Marketo will have you giggling as they remind us of the diverse array of selfies in the infographic below.

Whatever may be happening in your life, there’s a selfie for that! Good hair day? Take a selfie. New outfit? Take a selfie. Standing in front of a mirror and feeling cute? Take a selfie. Eating food? Take a selfie. This tech-savvy generation proves that there’s no wrong time to take a selfie.


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