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F-16 gets knocked over by another jet’s engine [video]

This is a multi-million dollar “oops.” Watch as this F-16 gets blown right over by another jet’s engine. The weirdest part is that the guy taking the video doesn’t even seem to realize that it’s happened.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Pilot error. On part of F-16 pilot, and possibly ATC. Most likely. Now it could be crew error on part of B-1B, if the PIC, exceeded taxi power limits for the taxi way, for the type.

  • those airplanes are so awesome.

  • Rocky

    more like it gets knocked over by another jet’s FOUR engines! the one that did the knocking over was a B-1B, a four-engine, supersonic bomber! the fighter pilot should have known better than to try to taxi through its jet wash!

  • laughingmy assoff

    Our tax dollars at work!

  • That wouldn’t happen to a Warthog.

  • He taxied behind a B-1B that was probably throttling up for take-off….

  • wichitachiefsfan

    The B1 pilots powered up slghtly to taxi, you can see the tail of the B1 start moving the same time the F-16 was behind it and got pushed over. Not the first time that same F-16 got pushed over on the same RH side. I crewchiefed on F-16’s and they are very light weight acft and can tip over pretty easily, its in the -1 to watch for taxi-ing behind jetblast.

    This is the F-16 – http://www.f-16.net/aircraft-database/F-16/airframe-profile/3090

  • Happened 8+ years ago, now a developing story.

  • Z

    Actually, his nose gear collapsed, had nothing to do with another plane

  • WILL

    BAD ASS B-1 with the knock-over

  • The damage to the F-16 was probably minor, which by government standards means more than most of us make in a year. But that pilot’s career is in severe jeopardy now, since he didn’t have sense enough not to taxi behind a four engine bomber throttling up for takeoff. Unless the bomber pilot throttled up too soon. Knowing the Air Force, they will probably crucify both pilots.

  • A-6Eintruder-battleaxe

    Typical Air Force crews…. clueless and lack of Situational Awareness. Would never happen in a Navy flown aircraft.

  • Seems like we need to send our military back for more training ? Prop wash is bad !

  • rocky, the b-1b is sub-sonic.

  • z, if the nose gear collapsed, why is his nose not on the ground. stopping the video, it seems the ac is on it’s nose gear, right main and right wing tip. if his nose gear collapsed, his tail feathers would be elevated, not his left wing.

  • Curtis

    Wow, this video is at least 5 years old.

  • The nose gear did not collapse. If it had, it would be ass up. The image show the nose gear down, and hopefully locked, with the Falcon resting on it’s right main, nose gear, and wingtip. The B-1B IS a supersonic aircraft at high altitude, but high sub-sonic at low altitude.

  • The most simplest things, can and will cause casualties, this may be because, we all know, they are running (peace time) Ops. In real war ops, the F-16 would weigh, twice as much, and not get turned. No bomb, no missiles, on his wings, he only weighs about half, what he would weigh fully loaded. You can’t see two large fuel tanks on his wings. So, its possible everyone done their jobs, by the book, and common sense, correctly. The flight ops, manual, may need to change, for ops with fighters(F-16) and bombers(B1B). Or just Dummy, don’t get to close together, not matter what the book says.

  • Anlushac11

    If nose gear collapsed then F-16 would rest on its belly on intake. That F-16 was blown over. Question is was F-16 too close behind B-ONE or was B-ONE throttling up too much? Would have thought ground control would have stopped F-16 from moving behind B-ONE til it had moved to take off position.

  • Z, come on! this guy taxied right behind the running B-1 and got knocked over. That’s how he ended up with his left wing up so high. A collapsed nose strut would have meant his radome would have ended up the concrete. I like how the effected B-1 just goes and takes off. Its like, “Nothing to see here!”

  • Don Miller

    Red Flag Alaska!

  • chris

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell that an aircraft is thrusting when you yourself are in a thrusting and taxiing aircraft. For this reason it is the responsibility of either the ground crew during maintenance and servicing (especially for B1 ground crews because they run engines for everything including fuel transfers it seems) or the aircrew during engine start/run/taxi operations to notify the tower. The tower then notifies the aircrews of available taxi lanes. The pilot is likely not at fault in this situation. The fault was more likely placed on the pilot of the other jet, or the tower.

  • Pooba

    The nose gear collapsed (obviously) and by the way, Air traffic control has nothing to do with jets that are on the ground!!!

  • danny

    Jack I think rocky was correct, the b-1b is supersonic.

  • Marty

    No, the nose gear didn’t collapse, You can clearly see it still intact in the video. You can also see that the port landing gear is well off the ground. Why would a collapsed landing gear cause that?

    @A-6Eintruder-battleaxe–I’ve seen the Navy pull some pretty dumb stunts too……

  • Mike Planchunas

    A-6Eintruder-battleaxe: Air Force pilots don’t land short on carriers.

  • Anon527

    Crazy! I think the Lancer is one of the most under appreciated military aircraft. also @ :53 almost looks like a F-16 w a Russian paint scheme (light blue/blue)? Pretty grainy can’t really tell, looks like is was shot with a 2003 motorola razor

  • a=6 … you guys don’t take off behind a B1. You take off from carriers primarily

  • tim

    Those who keep saying the nose gear collapsed seriously need to take a closer look at the clip again, possibly in full-screen mode. It’s clearly apparent that the nose is still up if you look at the horizon relative to the aircraft, besides which the link also clearly shows the aircraft from the front with the front wheel still locked in position.

  • Chuck

    The fighter should have delayed momentarily giving the Heavy bomber room to start rolling because of the thrust of break away power required to start/continue taxiing. My guess is everyone is on the same control frequency so everyone has a mental picture of the clearances issued around them.

  • Drag-on

    A note to “Z” about his theory of the Nose gear collapse, if you look at the vid from :25 to :29 you can still see the front nose strut in place, I used to crew F-16s, when the nose gear collapses she does a nose dive damaging the Radome, gear doors, and sometimes the actual backbone of the aircraft. also it would not tip to one side.

  • Roger Ramjet

    The guy filming the video is also a lousy camera man. Not even paying attention to what’s going on around. Time for a another shot Buddy !!

  • joe momma

    what a waste of my time

  • John Zeigler

    That is what you call a big big “Aw sh#t

  • Chris S

    I was there I worked on those F16’s at Eielson, the nose gear did not collapse, the plane tipped on its wing. At the point there was nothing anyone on the ground could do as the pilot shut the engine off and the plane thought it was airborne and activated the emergency power unit (EPU). Once activated the pilot has to stay put and no crew can approach due to hydrazine in the air that powers the EPU.

  • Chris S

    And for those who don’t know the B1 is supersonic 900 MPH + Look stuff up don’t guess

  • Al

    True “Air Traffic Control” does not control airplanes on the ground. But “Ground Control” does. At least at major civilian airports that is the case. At smaller regional airports the crew in the control tower gives taxing instructions and performs air traffic control functions around the airport. I have been a licensed pilot for 10 years.

  • Charles

    After looking at this clip many times, I’ve come to conclusion that engine exhaust had nothing to do with this incident. The F-16 was well past the B-1 on the pre-launch pad waiting for the B-1 on the runway to launch. Further, if the B-1 on the staging pad had run it’s engines to move onto the runway, the turn would have caused the wash to blow away from the F-15 on the taxiway. Now, the launching B-1 on the runway was overtaking the F-16 on the taxiway upon launch. In close observance of the film, note that the F-16 starts to flip as the wing of the launching Lancer starts to pass. It’s more likely that the wing of the B-1 slipped under the wing of the F-16 on the taxiway, either physically touching the and lifting the F-16 off the landing gear, or due to air vortexes off the B-1 wing and tip lifting the fighter wing and flipping it. The F-16 was starting it’s flip before the exhaust ports of the B-1 even came into play. Clearly, ground control is at fault for allowing an aircraft to enter a taxiway right next to an active runway with an aircraft about to launch.

  • Is it possible, oh completely. But on this one I’m calling a fake. No reaction from the guy taking the video, no reaction from any of the ground crew on foot in the area and towards the end another fighter starts to taxi past the one tipped over. To much non reaction to the incident. I’m calling a fake on it.

  • F-16 has single engine it always crash anytime. You can view statistics in 1 year (2014-2015). In the Gulf of Mexico, USAF in Middle East, Greek air force in Spain, Jordan air force in Syria, in Thailand, Hit with a Cessna aircraft. In Germany and etc. All of them(F-16) crash and wasn’t shot by enemy. And such as F-35 too.(in the future)

  • oops. b-1 was mach 2.2, b-1b is mach 1.25. been 30 years since the change was made to the intakes and i forgot that although it got throttled back, it was not below mach 1 to adapt it for nap of the earth. getting old i guess.

  • Ron

    Some of you don’t seem to have perspective of a 3D world in a 2D video. The B1 that tipped over the F-16 WAS NOT throttling up for takeoff. It was next for takeoff and gassed it a bit to move to the runway. Like the videographer, you missed a lot.

  • greg

    PooBa yes air traffic control does. They just call it ground control but its the same agency. And if you open your eyes you can see the nose is still elevated and you can even see the wheel of the nose gear.