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Facebook photos get full-screen viewing option


Photographers uploading their pictures to Facebook often felt the pang of disappointment at seeing the low-res, small version of their work appear on the social network. Now, thanks to an update by the Facebook engineering team, photo snappers need not fret about friends seeing their snapshots at less than stellar quality.

Facebook rolled out a full-screen viewing option this week to its photo-browsing features. The full-screen view also automatically shows the high-resolution version of photographs.

The full-screen feature is currently in limited release and only works on the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

Full story at Venture Beat.

Take better photographs and then post on Facebook.

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  • vivek mishra

    The ability to upload higher resolution photos to Facebook has been available for some time by ticking a small check box during the upload process but until now, there wasn’t any compelling reason to do so. Some users (myself included) felt that the high resolution photo option actually made images look worse by introducing noticeable noise to pictures.