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“Facebook Queen” saved by social media


Though we’ve often heard the sadder side of Facebook when friends don’t notice the warning signs of an online pal in peril, screenwriter Fleur Costello’s leading man was certainly grateful his wife was known as the Facebook Queen when she had a stroke with only her trusty computer at her side.

Following a sudden dizzy spell, which landed her on the floor, partially paralyzed, Costello was able to pull her laptop over by a sheet where her page stood open and she typed the message: “help faintef cannoi get up uhrlp gurt h4ead.”

Since he’d been unable to reach his wife by any other means and knew she was often online, her husband overcame his aversion to Facebook and fortunately checked his messages where he received her cry for help and left work immediately.

Though it is believed she had a stroke, she will likely be able to welcome 2014 from her hospital bed with one incredible status update when she gets back on her feet.

We hope she gets a record number of likes for that post.

Full story at CNET.

Facebook to the rescue.

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