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Facebook’s new guide for domestic abuse and cyberstalking victims

Domestic Violence

Social media can be a great resource for connecting to one’s support network, but problems with privacy are nothing new on Facebook.

The real issue starts when those for whom social isolation is part of the problem can’t connect to their loved ones or organizations seeking to help for fear of their safety or that of their family.

To remedy this dilemma, Facebook teamed up with National Network To End Domestic Violence to create a step-by-step guide to negotiating its privacy settings and other safety protocols that opens the channels of communication with only those a person in potential danger chooses.

As NNEDV VP Cindy Southworth noted:

Privacy and safety go hand in hand for survivors. The most dangerous time for a victim of abuse is when they are preparing to leave or have left an abusive partner. It is critical that survivors have the information that they need to navigate their lives safely and, in today’s digital age, a significant part of our lives are online.

You can find the guide here, and, please, stay safe.

Full story at NBC via The Mary Sue.

Keeping victims of domestic violence connected.

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