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How to fall without seriously hurting yourself

By the time most of us worry about serious injury from a fall, we’re too old to practice to the point where we automatically do it safely.

Of course, you don’t have to be in your seventies or eighties to break an arm on the ice, so take notes from these tips and video featured at Lifehacker.

First, a sampling of tips:’

  1. Pivot so you’re not falling directly forward or backwards if possible. Fall to your side.

  2. Tuck your chin in to protect your head.

  3. Don’t fall onto outstretched hands. You’ll probably break your wrists and still may hit your head anyway.

  4. Place your arms to your side to help cushion your fall and protect your hip, or throw your arms up to cushion your head with your biceps, depending on the fall trajectory…

Observe as ninety-five-year-old Elliott Royce adds to his total of 14,000 falls to demonstrate how effective these techniques are.

Full story at Lifehacker.

Wise advice for any age group.

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