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Fast Company vs Old Spice: Who’s doing social media right?


Brands embrace social media differently. Take, for example, Old Spice and Fast Company—each kicked off highly-publicized social media-based campaigns in recent weeks, but the two took entirely different approaches.

Proctor & Gamble-owned Old Spice released a clever video blitz, embracing different social media channels and using those channels to spread the word. The campaign had people laughing and, more importantly, talking about the brand. Score a point for OSD and shirtless men everywhere.

On the flip-side, hip business mag Fast Company tackled social media marketing in a decidedly different way with its Influence Project. The thinly-veiled popularity contest picked up some steam in the first few days, but fizzled when users complained it felt more like a pyramid scheme than an actual measure of social media influence. Zero points for measuring “influence” with spam and votes.

Old Spice: 1. Fast Company: 0.

Full story (a great read) at PC Mag.

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  • videoBIO

    I agree with Michelle. The entire marketing angle was lazy and slimy. People are going to be talking about the success of the Old Spice campaign for a long time.