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Federal prosecutor warns parents against mailing chickenpox pops


A recent trend on Facebook has raised the hackles of one federal prosecutor who is warning vaccine-wary parents that their efforts at DIY chickenpox have crossed a very serious line.

On the Facebook group “Find a Pox Party in Your Area” one Nashville woman has volunteered to ship her children’s chickenpox germs using suckers, spit and Q-tips for the bargain price of fifty dollars and explained that,

“They can’t get (chickenpox) the normal way anymore of just naturally catching and just naturally getting the immunity for life.”

Not only does shipping germs like the chickenpox – or in a far more risky case, measles – violate the same law as shipping anthrax, far more serious diseases may be lurking on those pathogen pops, such as hepatitis. It turns out there’s only a small chance the technique would even transmit the disease, according to Isaac Thomsen of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital:

“If there’s a very high load on the virus and shipped very quickly, it’s theoretically possible,” he said. “But it’s probably not an effective way to transmit it. It typically has to be inhaled.”

The moral of the story is, if you want to boost your child’s immunity on the cheap, do what our parents did and just let them suck on the handle of the grocery cart. Yum!

Full story at NY Daily News.

The long arm of the law.

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