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Felines of New Zealand fear the bell tolls for Fluffy


Cat people and lovers of all things New Zealand, brace yourselves, because the small but scenic nation could be staring at a future without felines if economist and environmentalist Gareth Morgan has his way.

Calling them the “friendly neighborhood serial killer,” Morgan cites the terrific toll these unregulated pets have had on native species and the economic opportunities being lost by allowing New Zealand’s environment to be degraded.

While we’re not quite sure how that jump was accomplished, here’s the plan he laid out to Derek Thompson at The Atlantic to rid the nation of these wily creatures of destruction:

1. All cats to be registered, chipped & neutered — raising the barriers to cat ownership to those similarly already faced by dog owners. Chipping instead of collars is because cats more easily slip collars. [Ed: Chipping, or micro-chipping, means inserting an implant under the skin for identification.]

2. Citizens to be encouraged to cage-trap cats wandering on their properties and turn them in to the local authority.

3. Cats surrendered to the local authority Pound, to be euthanized if unregistered, to returned to registered owner who is fined.

4. Councils to offer free disposal of cats. Vets are prohibitively expensive.

The question now is whose claws are sharper, cat lovers’ or the followers of Mr. Morgan?

Full story at The Atlantic.

No more cats.

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