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Field Power Desk powers you up in an emergency


Planning your escape into the wilderness but scared to go without your trusty computer? Is the most terrifying part of the zombie apocalypse the possibility you’ll be without a Twitter feed? Then the KANZ Field Power Desk is a must-have.

The KANZ Field Power Desk is a portable desk that has integrated power packs, which offer six hours of battery. I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but six hours is better than zero. It also has solar panels to recharge these packs, and a wide array of adapters and ports to support a large number of electronic devices. There’s also an optional Satellite Broadband IP Terminal that will allow you leverage satellite connectivity in the wild.

With a marine grade aluminum housing and legs ready to make it a free-standing desk, you’ll be ready to man the revolution from just about anywhere (or at least update your Facebook status so Mom knows you’re all right).

Full story at KANZ Outdoors via Technabob.

Guaranteed zombie-proof.

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