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Finally, a how-to on doing No. 2 at work


How do you know you’ve found a true friend? When they explain the ins and outs of how they do or do not poop at work.

At long last, Mats and Enzo have come out of the stall about this taboo topic and written How To Poo at Work to make us all feel a little better about our natural functions and completely understandable embarrassment.

Don’t let number 2 stop you from being number 1 on the job.

Face the facts. You poop every day-more or less-but making a misstep when you’ve got to go at the office could land you in some serious doo-doo. How to Poo at Work is the ultimate guide to handling a range of potentially awkward situations…

This baby has Secret Santa written all over it, folks! Get yours today!


Full story at Amazon via Laughing Squid.

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