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Find out what happens when a techie mama goes to the Google HQ

Google HQ

Rita O’Neal of Mom with a .com was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to go on a top secret mission to Google Headquarters. What blogger could refuse that? Rita had a secret meeting with Guy Kawasaki and everything was hush hush until now.

google HQ

Rita got to play on the Google campus and took photos everywhere that was allowed on that day.

When we first arrived in the building, my attention was drawn to the stairs. Why? Because they were lit up so brightly and each stair scrolled through all of the attendees names. I felt pretty important. I happen to catch the two bottom stairs displaying both of our names at the same time. How cool is that?!

Google stairs

If you didn’t get your invite for the event, enjoy this behind the scenes look at a day at Google.

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Photo credit: Mom with a .Com

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