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Franciscan friars dive into the 21st century with text-a-prayer


Just because they still wear robes is no reason to assume friars don’t get tech, and to reach out to the faithful in the social media age, the largest group of Franciscan friars in the U.S. are taking your prayer requests by text.

According to Huffington Post:

The faithful simply text the word ‘prayer’ to 306-44, free of charge. A welcome message from the friars comes up along with a box to type in the request. When the text is sent, the sender receives a reply.

The 325 friars of the Holy Name Province then include your intentions twice a day in prayer and during daily Mass.

“We’re really excited about this working,” said Father David [Convertino], about the new program. “I think we’ll be able to keep up (with all the intentions). That’s what we do, we pray for people.”

This latest social media venture is in addition to their presence on LinkedIn and the streaming of services, with possibly more to come, but as Father David also noted, they’re still “rushing madly into the 19th century.”

Well, they will need electricity to keep those phones charged.

Full story at Huffington Post.

Texting religion.

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