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Fresco “fixer” now wants a piece of the action


In the litigious age in which we live, it shouldn’t be surprising that the elderly woman known for leaving her very distinctive mark on the 19th-century Spanish fresco, “Ecce Homo,” is now looking to cash in on all the attention her actions have garnered.

Sightseers are now making a point of stopping in to see what some have referred to as “monkey Jesus” at the Santuario de Misericodia church, where they have been leaving donations in the box near the defiled work of art.

Sadly, Cecilia Gimenez and her lawyers are now claiming a copyright for the infamous fix and want her share of the church’s windfall.

So much for WWJD…

Full story at TechDirt via BoingBoing.

The high price of bad art.

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