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Fresh coffee on the go with MoJoe [video]

Want to save yourself time and money every single morning?

Don’t wait in line when you can brew coffee during your commute with the Mojoe, created by Joseph Hyman and successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Combining the concepts of vacuum brewing with drip brewing, one would never guess what magic is happening in what appears to be a normal travel mug.

As LiveScience explained:

Most conventional coffeemakers are drip brewers that involve pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. Vacuum brewers, on the other hand, look more at home in a chemistry lab than on a kitchen stove. A vacuum brewer often has a clear, hourglass-shaped chamber suspended in space by a metal grip extending from a thin but sturdy stand. Water sits in the bottom bulb of the hourglass until it gets hot enough to convert to water vapor. This vapor expands in the bottom bulb until running out of room, building up enough pressure to push hot water up through a glass siphon connecting the bottom and top bulbs. Once the vapor reaches the upper bulb, which contains coffee grounds, the hot water mixes with the grounds and turns into coffee. When the coffee is fully brewed, the stove is shut off, the vapor condenses and the brewed coffee falls back into the bottom bulb.

It also comes with a car charger, regular plug, and battery pack for maximum flexibility.

Who could ask for anything more?

Full story at MoJoe Brewing Company via LiveScience.

Coffee on the go.

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