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Fun facts about daylight savings time


Get ready to sleep in this Sunday, folks (but not you, Arizona), because it’s time for the clocks to change. For most, this time of the year means hours of disorientation as family members switch clocks back and forth without consulting one another. To while away the hour before that appointment for which you showed up an hour early, why not pack in a few fun facts to kickstart conversation?

– One of the people who first floated the idea of daylight savings (yes, there was more than one), did so in order to have more daylight to collect bugs. New Zealand – home to George Vernon Hudson – didn’t adopt the practice until 1927, thirty-two years after Hudson suggested it. Poor guy just wanted to pursue his hobby after his day job in the post office.

– To keep things simple for those working in Antartica, research stations use the same clock as their home countries, therein observing their daylight savings patterns. The continent has twenty-four time zones but the six month cycles of contant light or darkness make the idea of observing daylight savings time independently a bit pointless.

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  • Danny

    Antarctica, in fact, is the correct spelling, as seen on Neatorama, though not here…