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Future of books? Interactive Alice on the iPad [video]

More than a handful of tech industry watchers have predicted that the iPad and other tablet gadgets will forever change the way we consume print media. How exactly remains a mystery, but a new app for the iPad by Atomic Antelope is generating a lot of buzz about the future of reading. Alice for the iPad uses the original story and images of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and spices it up with a slew of interactive content that takes full advantage of the device’s tilt controls.

Check it out in dizzying action:

More info at Atomic Antelope’s YouTube page.

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  • David Lance

    This is but an example of things to come. (And it leverages the warped and over-the-top nature of Alice in Wonderland, and the movie that is currently out in theaters. The financing for this example probably tracks directly back to Tim Burton’s check book.) Reading is going to become so much more effective with this new medium. However, the concept of "more effective" should not be a matter of opinion. The folks in the white lab coats must take the whole experience of comprehension through the written word into the lab. Sit a thousand subjects with iPads in front of a thousand variants of the written word and measure results.

    Measure every micron. Every nuance. Compare silent reading to reading with animated illustration. Silent reading with reading while listening to an audio feed of someone else reading the same text. Silent reading with reading and viewing intermittent video talking-head presentations. Silent reading and silent reading with taking intermittent quizzes or viewing bullet list reviews. Dust off Mortimer Adler and apply his techniques for effective reading. Let the lab give us data about the best ways to facilitate learning on this new medium, and then let the content creators of the world get busy taking all of us to higher levels of comprehension.