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Gangnam style soothes the savage baby soul [video]


While plenty of parents envision their homemade organic baby food being enough to tempt their sweet baby into eating or that shelf full of educational books to provide enough entertainment to last until they get into competitive preschool, reality provides some hard facts to face, such as the fact that Gangnam style not only captured the imaginations of adults all over the world, but their mini-me’s as well.

Deborah Netburn at the LA Times takes a look at the magical power Gangnam style has over the youngest generation.

…YouTube user Kazumichi Inagawa uploaded this video of his 16-month-old nephew doing a very impressive rendition of the dance in a spacious playpen. Not bad for a little guy who presumably has been walking for less than a year.

Full story at LA Times.

World peace through YouTube.

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