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Gawker Media users’ top 50 passwords


Devotees of websites like Gizmodo, Lifehacker and other Gawker Media-owned online properties may fancy themselves amongst the tech savvy elite, but if their passwords provide any indication, they may want to reconsider that label.

Hackers busted into Gawker’s treasure chest of data over the weekend, exposing the usernames, email addresses and passwords of more than one million users. The sneaky trouble-makers (well, trouble for Nick Denton at least) then decoded 188,279 encrypted passwords and posted them online. The Wall Street Journal then did its own number crunching and determined the 50 most frequently-used passwords of Gawker fans. Among the most used, the painful easy-to-guess “123456” and “password.”

Conclusion? With passwords like ” trustno1” (an X-Files reference), “starwars,” “nintendo,” and “superman,” there’s plenty of geek to go around.

Full story at Wall Street Journal.

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  • RyanHurst

    Doesn’t matter what password I choose, it always changes it to *********. I hate that.