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German Shepherd puppy has a perfect “play dead” [video]

This puppy needs an Oscar. Seriously, is he really did? He even throws his paw over his eye to complete the performance.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • joe nania

    if you blink you will miss the video…..damn

  • janice


  • Treats are for tricks not for obedience and manners

  • Dova Cohen

    How do dogs know obedience and manners if not to train them with treats? Your comment, for a lack of better words, is stupid.

  • aaww that was so dang cute he even puts his paw over his face lol tehe tehe

  • Gina

    My dog does this to get her favorite toy. She puts all fours up in the air when she goes down.

  • jan

    German shepherded puppies and collie puppies are ever good at training with or without treats for the dogs they want to learn and do well for us.

  • Emma

    Sorry, but I don’t think it’s “cute” to pretend you are shooting your dog.

  • Super sweet puppy, adorable at “playing dead”, really, I don’t want to sound silly but I just hate guns and his caretaker saying “bang” somehow makes me cringe, maybe he could just say “time out” (naturally with the treats)!!!!

  • Pick your breed very carefully. remember they are only puppies for a few months. Most small breeds have hair not fur. If you have allergies. Pick a schnauzer or poodle. Schnauzers are a hearty breed and very intelligent. That is my choice of breed. Just saying.

  • DD

    I like how the pup tried to disarm the suspect before he was shot a second time. Ha, ha. Too cute!

  • Donna R


  • jaga aji

    aaww that was so dang cute ilmumantrapelet.blogspot.com