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Get fuller, lusher brand exposure with Beardvertising


If you’re tired of getting grief for letting your Decembeard fill in, get the last laugh making big bucks with a trend that’s sure to be red-hot for everyone who can’t get a Santa gig this upcoming holiday season: Beardvertising.

According to Biz Insider, the “half-joke, half genius” scheme involves paying men with beards $5 a day to walk around with a mini ad clipped to their facial hair.

“We’re getting a ton of emails from guys with epic beards that want to host beardboards and we’re actually in talks with some brands that want to be Beardvertisers. I think we’ll probably be seeing some beardboards in the wild before too long,” said agency Cornett-IMS’s Whit Hiler.

Hey, if they’re staring anyway, why not make it profitable?

Full story at Beardvertising via Foodbeast.

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