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Get promoted—randomly!


Random job promotions are more effective than merit-based promotions, a group of Italian researchers have just concluded. By running a series of simulations of mock companies, the researchers created a head-to-head showdown of the “Common Sense Hypothesis” that an employee is as good at his old position as his new position and the “Peter Hypothesis”, where employees have a random chance at success in their new positions. Surprisingly enough, they concluded that random promotions created greater success.

As one commentator aptly put it, “sometimes you have a situation where people that are patently incompetent get promoted so swiftly that they never have to answer for their incompetence.” Check out Inc’s full article for all the nitty gritty and responses from other business authorities.

Then again, maybe there’s something fishy when the co-author of the study is a physicist…

Reconsidering that physics degree? Take a look at some other careers.

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  • Robin Green

    I think I shall give this piece a ‘random promotion’ too!! Very funny! RT numero 26. Great work. You and @Minervity certainly post GREAT articles. Brilliant. (@orangy68)