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Nasty surprises in entrepreneurship


The entrepreneurship lifestyle comes with lots of surprises, many of them not so pleasant. TechCrunchl helps prepare you for some of the nasty entpreneurship surprises. For example:

  • The economy doesn’t matter. Groupon started in November, 2008. The news media is always going to say the economy is in the crapper. For once in your life, and for the rest of your entrepreneurship, turn the TV off.
  • You are constantly going to be gripped with thoughts that your competitors are all better than you. And guess what, they are. So now you have to lie to all of your investors who are constantly calling you before their “Monday morning meetings” asking you, “can you tell me one more time why you’re better than so-and-so?”

Full story at TechCrunch.

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  • Shannon

    I love these kind of posts. Ones that sound like real people wrote then and not some kind of business tips post generator.