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Giving back to our pets this holiday season [infographic]

Via eBay Classifieds. (H/T @Britt_Klontz)

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  • dancingdogblog

    Sigh – EBAY classifieds has been trying to get pet bloggers to first give them ad space, then use their heinous infographics to cover up the fact that allow puppy mills ads in their classified sections. We won’t do it. Edie Jarolim spotted this and let many of us know about it. It is Christmas so people may not take much notice, but it does not deserve a place here.

    We realize probably 90% of the general public don’t know the issues, but puppy mills are something no one should support. Ebay Classifieds does. The link is already made so now they get to bury the bad news about what they do with each shared infographic.

    If you can share this information, that would be great.

    If you want more information on this topic I will be happy to fill you in, as will in all likelihood Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me, Kim Clune of BTC4Animals, Stephanie Feldstein of Change.org, Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly and many more.