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Goats take to the hills as Pittsburgh’s latest & greatest landscaping brigade [video]

If you’re familiar with the topography of Pittsburgh, you know any traditional landscaping company is in for a serious challenge trying to tame the foliage on the city’s many hills. Fortunately, the city found a company, the workers of which are happy to be paid with only their day’s work: the Steel City Grazers.

As Mashable explained:

The goats and their donkey friend come from Steel City Grazers, which hires out their animals for landscaping purposes. The goats happily chomp on unwanted leaves, grass and plants to help maintain yards and parks in an eco-friendly way while Hobo the donkey guards them from stray dogs.

They’re currently at work in the city’s Oakland neighborhood, but with all the knotweed in the city, they’ll never be short of jobs.

Here’s a video from the company’s crowdfunding campaign:

Full story at Mashable.

What’s up in Pittsburgh.

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