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Why a good child isn’t necessarily a great thing

Parents and guardians of the world, have we got some amazing news for you.

Are you the parent dragging your kid out from under the pew at church or sitting in another meeting with the school principal? Do you panic when the house suddenly goes quiet because you know full well the kids aren’t quietly reading a book somewhere?

Turns out, those good kids have a whole set of issues of their own, and you can take comfort knowing if your naughty kid has a problem, they’ll either scream it at you or they’ll be in counseling long before it infects their adulthood.

Full story at School of Life.

Good kids.

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  • This is really enlightening , sure a child should not be put in the forces of perfection and should be let to explore life in all manners and be loved even if bad or good

  • I have read your article about Children and Trust me it was all worth written you have mentioned everything really well.