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Google+ and Pinterest go together like peanut butter and jelly

peanut butter and jelly

Google+ and Pinterest are the new kids on the block, relatively speaking, in the social media world and they are two of the most ignored platforms by social media professionals. I’m not sure why because they are great together just like peanut butter and jelly. With a little thought behind your actions you can push your activities on Google+ and Pinterest to make them both work better for you.

Google+ is the second largest social media platform in the world. It is second only to Facebook with more than 500M registered users of which 135M post active updates, according to Carter Hostelley, the founder and CEO of LeadTail.com, a company that focuses on online marketing research, consulting and tools.” Google+ has better SEO, because duh it’s Google.

A few of the benefits of Google+ and Pinterest together:

1. Extends the life of your content.

2. Keeps you organized.

3. Helps you find better content.

4. Smarter marketing.

5. Rock the hashtag for better visibility across platforms.

How are you using Google+ and Pinterest together in your social media?

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