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Google Buzz’s official demo [video]

Google has just unveiled its latest attempt to become more relevant in the social media space—Google Buzz. The product is integrated within Gmail and will be rolled out gradually to all of the webmail service’s users over the next few days.

While this development is still unfolding, you can check out Google Buzz’s two-minute demo of Buzz in action both online and via mobile.

What are your initial reactions? Another soon-to-be-forgotten Google product like Wave, or a Facebook/Twitter killer?

Full story at Mashable.

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  • Anonymous

    I think Buzz vs Twitter vs Facebook is not an all or nothing deal. Some people will prefer Buzz; some will prefer FB; others Twitter. You go where your friends are.

    Most of us go to different neighborhoods to visit our friends; they don’t all live next door to each other.

    I agree with Guy that the mobile app is going to make all the difference.

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