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Google execs: What online ads will look like in 2015


It doesn’t get closer to a crystal ball than this: Two Google executives—Neal Mohan, vice president of product management at Google, and Barry Salzman, managing director of media and platforms at Google—made predictions on what display advertising will look like in 2015. Media Post captures seven of these predictions, which were made recently during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s MIXX Conference 2010 in New York. For instance:

  • 50% of online ads will have video in them and be bought on a cost-per-view basis. Today, 24 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube each minute. Google Tuesday officially launched two YouTube video formats, TrueView, based on a cost-per-view advertising model after dabbling in it for nearly a year. This means advertisers only pay when consumers chose to watch the advertisement. TrueView will roll out later this year.
  • Mobile will become the No. 1 screen for advertising. The mobile screen will become the first screen that consumers go to on a variety of mobile devices.
  • Five new metrics will emerge to measure the success of ad campaigns. They will become more successful and important. Some exist already: engagement and interaction rates in rich media, video view, and impact on Web search results. Others might include sentiment analysis to measure the viral influence and the tone of consumer chatter about the brand across the Internet. Or, measure foot traffic into the store through geo-based technology.

Full story at MediaPost.

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  • vincentvdlubbe

    My main point is another one = Marketing goes real-time BIDDING: "50% of all display advertising targeted to a specific audience will rely on real-time bidding." Advertising bidding becomes a realtime, fully liquid "stock" market (with Google functioning as the largest "exchange"). What implications will this have: for example will there be a boom in advertising related derivatives?