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GoPro goes inside a 24-hour kitten nursery [video]

At the San Diego Humane Society, every kitten with a fighting chance gets the twenty-four-hour care they require to go up for adoption.

Cole and Marmalade’s owner used a GoPro to takeĀ us inside this unique operation and show just what it takes to keep these adorable kitties alive to purr another day.

Full story at YouTube via Neatorama.

Giving kittens a fighting chance.

Graphics credit: Canva

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  • How adorable! I want to adopt them ALL!

  • Loved the light grey one and the black and white one! I have been a cat owner for over 30 years, the worst part is losing them from old age. My oldest 2 were 21 and I had another who was 19. All of mine were ones that found me or I found them and they were the best pets.

  • janice

    they are adorable. great job ladies!