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Grab your water wings: Scientists predict cities that will be submerged in a century

Planning to build a house by the sea that will be enjoyed for generations to come?

Best to check in with the scientists who are estimating which cities and areas around the world are likely to be underwater come 2100.

As New Scientist’s Michael Marshall explained:

Sea levels have been rising for over 100 years – not evenly, though. Several processes are at work, says Mahé Perrette of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. Some land is sinking, some is rising. Stronger currents create slopes in sea surface, and since all things with mass exert a gravitation pull, disappearing ice sheets lead to a fall in sea levels in their surrounding areas.

The regions most in danger are Japan, around the Indian Ocean, southeast Australia, Argentina and tropical areas, though the entire northern hemisphere is likely to experience some rise in sea levels.

While being partially submerged appears to be working for Venice, it isn’t likely a great long term plan for the tourist industry in the rest of the world.

Full story at New Scientist via Neatorama.

Eye on climate change.

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