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Great news! US radiation detectors work…


The bad news is they picked up radiation in tissue holders bound for Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Officials want to assure the public that the Dual Ridge Metal boutique tissue holders would only expose the owner to the equivalent of two chest x-rays of radiation if they spent thirty minutes a day in the bathroom with them for a year, but the Bed, Bath & Beyond, Inc. is still asking customers to return them for a full refund.

The radiation was detected as four tissue boxes tripped alarms at truck scales in California. The substance to blame was cobalt-60, which can be found “…in medical devices and…other industrial applications” that do not generally include tissue holders.

Spotting a store associate wandering the aisles with a Geiger counter isn’t exactly reassuring, but radiation detectors picking up a trace on four tissue holders sure is. Here’s to looking at the bright (but not so bright it glows in the dark) side!

Full story at USA Today.

Score one for Homeland Security.

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