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Guaranteed groovy shots onboard the Photo Bus


It’s a beautiful thing when one person’s passions can be melded into a business idea as cool as John Deprisco of Deprisco Photo’s Photo Bus.

While traditional photo booths can quickly get too crowded for the whole gang to get into the shot, this one not only comes to you (if you happen to be in the Kansas City area), but has plenty of room to squeeze everyone in and say “Cheese!”.

According to the Photo Bus Facebook page:

Our Photo booth is not your typical booth its more of a station. It’s roughly a 10×10 area where you and your friends from your event can come and take self-portraits. YOU take your our photos with a shutter cable, this allows you to express yourself however you want without having a photographer saying SMILE!

No shots when the van’s a-rockin’, though, if you know what we mean.

Full story at The Photo Bus @ Facebook via PetaPixel.

Photography on wheels.

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  • Anonymous

    Luring kids into a van to take pictures… isn’t that a bad thing? I’m confused.