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Guy Kawasaki on why Google+ is relevant and how to use it to your advantage


In a recent webinar with SmartBrief, Guy Kawasaki (you may have heard of him) gave some advice on how to use Google+ effectively. He shows how Google+ is a way of sharing your passions with new, interesting people. To do so effectively, he offers a few pieces of advice. For example:

Comments are key. Responding to posts and engaging with commenters is the heart of Google+ networking. Respond to everyone who comments on your posts and give Plus Mentions to all your commenters. Comment on the posts of people you find interesting as a way of introducing yourself—but be sure to do so in a way that cuts to the chase and adds value. The plugin “Replies and More for Google+” can make this much easier. Don’t get sucked into long arguments with negative commenters. Respond three times and then move on.

Full story at SmartBlogs on Social Media.

Get the full suite of Guy’s Google+ tips and tricks in his latest book, What the Plus!.

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  • inJonsMind

    Adding value (for both parties) through engagement is one of the most effective ways to build meaningful relationships on social media networks. Have fun with it and great things will happen.