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Guy Kawasaki’s latest book hits the Amazon shelves running


Writers who are ready to take the reins of their careers and jump into the artisanal publishing biz finally have the chance to get the inside scoop on the nitty-gritty details of the process from Guy Kawasaki in his latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book.

This self-published book all about, well, self-publishing, hit Amazon’s shelves in paperback today, and the reviews thus far have been stellar, averaging a five-star rating.

If you’re wondering what the buzz is about, take a look at what other well-known authors have to say about this latest endeavor with tech wizard, Shawn Welch:

“Nuts, bolts, and inspiration too. Once again, Guy delivers, kicking the shiitake out of anyone who would tell you that you shouldn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t write a book.”

Seth Godin, author and founder of The Icarus Project.

“Guy’s book is the perfect companion on the journey of independent publishing and great reading for the millions who aspire to become authors.”

Atif Rafiq, General Manager, Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon.com

“APE is easily the most comprehensive, best organized, nuts-and-bolts-useful work on self-publishing I’ve seen to date. I think Guy has written the bible on self-publishing, and I expect it will be recognized—and widely used—as such.”

Barry Eisler, bestselling novelist of the John Rain series including The Detachment, Requiem for an Assassin, and The Last Assassin.

Be sure to grab your copy today, and start making your dream of seeing your words in print come true in 2013.

Full story at Amazon.

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