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Haiti’s proud tradition of machete fencing lives on

The bloody overthrow of colonial forces in Haiti by those who suffered the brutalities of slavery echoed around the world, yet without access to the guns and ammunition of their foes, Haitians used the tools at hand, including machetes.

Shadows of stick fighting techniques brought from Africa combined with the swordsmanship of the French created a lethal combination.

Today, the tradition of machete martial arts lives on in the island nation. No masks, no protective equipment, just raw skill.

Full story at National Geographic.

Martial arts of the people.

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  • billy g

    great skills

  • Phil

    Wow! Slaves in Haiti defeated the fearsome forces of Napoleon using the one weapon they had on hand: the machete.???? It’s so easy to rewrite history. Anything else could have been used to start the article, but no, let’s use something real stupid.