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Happy Birthday, Ernie! [videos]


We know it’s Monday and you might not be feeling celebratory about much, so we’d like to give you a much-needed excuse to find some candles and eat a cupcake: Sesame Street’s Ernie turns forty-four today! Hooray!

A character on Sesame Street since its beginning in 1969, Ernie’s voice was originally performed by the great Jim Henson himself, though Steve Whitmire is doing a great job keeping one of television’s most beloved characters alive and kicking for another generation to learn the important lesson of patience when one lives with a roommate with a pigeon obsession.

So, tonight, run some water, grab your duckie and celebrate with a well-deserved soak in the tub to warm those chilly bones, and don’t skimp on the bubbles.

Full story at Sesame Street Workshop.

Party time on Sesame Street.

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