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Happy hour at the library


Libraries have been having a horrible time with funding issues as of late, but could a few drinks wipe the scowl off the stern lady at the desk and have her spinning those glasses on a chain in celebration?

Hm, probably not, but if you’re wondering where the party is, head to Ferndale, Michigan.

According to library director Jessica Keyser:

“Our revenues have declined every year for the last several years, mostly because of declining property values in the city,” she noted. “But at the same time, our demand and use have continued to increase. So, having the option of serving alcohol at some events will really help us with fundraising for the library.”

Mayor Dave Coulter is determined to keep a tight rein on these potential delinquents, though:

“Just in case the library wants to be doing this on a regular basis, we can tell them ‘no’ if it becomes excessive,” he explained. “That’s why we wanted to make sure that they have to come before us and ask for permission every time. It’s very much our intent that this will not become a regular occurrence, so we still have the ability to reject any proposals that do not seem appropriate.”

So, while the Ferndale Library may not become the town’s happy hour hot spot any time soon, its fundraising events might see more than a few townsfolk loosening their ties and undoing a few more buttons on those cardigans for a good cause.

Full story at C&G News via Neatorama.

Cheers to libraries.

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