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Happy National Chocolate Day!


With any luck, East Coasters heard the happy news earlier today before they had to batten down the hatches against Hurricane Sandy, but if you happen to be standing at the empty grocery store shelf that once held peanut butter and are starting to experience a panicky sensation, get thee to the chocolate section and stock up!

Following in that disastrous line of thinking, with all the fuss over the Mayans this year, you might be interested in knowing that they dubbed the cocoa bean the “food of the gods,” a claim that has not gone undisputed in the two millennium since its discovery. (We’re hoping they weren’t quite so accurate in the calendar department.)

Though sticking such an important national holiday so close to Halloween is kind of like the downer of having a birthday close to Christmas, bank on Halloween being rained out and indulge today.

In honor of National Chocolate Day, we bring you a video of the Muppets’ Swedish Chef making Chocolate Moose.

Full story at Discovery.com.

Yay chocolate!

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