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Happy Nerd New Year! (and other 11-11-11 celebrations)


Today is significant on many levels – not the least of which is that World War I came to a close at 11:00 am on November 11, 1918 – but there’s plenty of things going on today celebrating the last six-digit date for the next eighty-eight years.

– Hackers will be celebrating what they’ve dubbed the “Nerd New Year” by lining the streets of Silicon Valley’s Redwood City for a rousing hackathon and countdown to 11:11 pm.

OneDayOnEarth.org is creating its second film documenting life all over the planet during one day, so grab your cameras and document, then upload to the site.

– Vegas has received almost 4,000 wedding applications for today and mothers in South Korea are lining up for C-sections.

For more 11-11-11 craziness, head over to Mashable to get in on the action.

Full story at Mashable.

It’s a holiday.

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