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How to harness your power of persuasion


Persuasion doesn’t have to be an art. It’s not territory of conmen and slime balls. Persuasion is part of every day life; everyone tries to persuade everyone. Since you’re already playing the game, why not get a little better at it? Follow these simple steps from SmartBlogs on Leadership. For example:

Build rapport: Your company may be a fantastic place to work, but if potential employees aren’t aware of it, it doesn’t much matter. A few years ago, I was charged with putting management teams in place for a relatively new company across the nation—no mean feat. Having an established network of colleagues gave me almost instantaneous access to employee referrals. Because they knew me, I was able to persuade other quality managers to join the company.

It’s true: People like to work with someone they know and trust. That’s how many of us find jobs, get our next client or hire that new employee. You’ve heard the saying opportunity knocks. Will you be ready?

Full story at SmartBlogs on Leadership.

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  • richexpmarkting

    "Fastest way of building rapport? Give people the experience of being understood." — Dr. Nathaniel Branden