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Have a very hairy new year with the back hair art calendar

Can manscaping be elevated to the level of art?

Mike Wolfe thinks so and enlisted his buddy to create the first calendar featuring fuzz, fuzz, and more fuzz for your day counting pleasure.

According to his website:

I was a senior at Sprague High School in Salem Oregon and my sister was home, visiting from college.  It was during wrestling season and I had just noticed some interesting sprouts coming from my shoulders.  I proceeded to do a full examination of my back and saw that I was becoming one of those guys that everyone makes fun of…..I was growing back hair!!!  I ran to my sisters room and, mind you it was 1998 so the hit show at that time was singled out, and asked my sister, “Sarah, guys with back hair, time of day or no way?!!   she blurted out, “No Way!”  and that is where my back hair story begins.  Since then, I have married a beautiful woman, have two great kids and created the first Calendar of back hair art.

Need more convincing? How can you not love “Away in a MangHAIR”?


Full story at Calendhair.

Annual oddities.

Graphics credit: Canva

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