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Healthy eating pays off for the planet


The best food choices for our health are also usually the best picks for the planet, and consumers who opt for mostly fruits and vegetables are eating a more sustainable diet, according to experts gathered at the National Journal Healthy Food, Healthy Planet Summit in Washington, D.C. Restaurants looking to help the twin causes can take the simple step of putting more vegetables and less meat on the plate.

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  • Celeste

    “If the wealthiest consumers would eat less meat, that would reduce the pressure on resources and make it a bit more possible to produce more food for those people that need food, so I think that is the balance we need to really get at,” Reilly said.

    Agreed. In an effort to do this, it would be useful if restaurants could provide more choice. I’m amazed when dining in a regular restaurant how little the choice is apart from standard meat dishes.

    More vegetable dishes in restaurants would go a long way – and not of the green salad and fries variety!