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Here’s all the terrible things happening in Sochi just before the Olympics

I’ve never been so happy my Olympic snow angel making career ended early. Clearly, things aren’t going to well in Sochi. Uproxx brings together all the bad things happening in Sochi in one helpful place. For example:

Only days away from the beginning of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the slopestyle course will undergo changes. International Ski Federation official Roberto Moresi declared that due to the multiple concerns and complaints coming from the athletes, the steep hills on the course will be trimmed at the top and bottom.

The modification was brought about by an ugly crash during practice runs Monday, when Norwegian hopeful Torstein Horgmo landed hard on his face and right shoulder, breaking his collarbone. He will miss the Olympic games.

Many snowboarders in Sochi have expressed concern about the way the course is set up. (Via)

And, maybe (?) worse:



Full story at Uproxx.

More sports, less disasters.

Photo credit: Uproxx

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