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Hey! Who stole the bridge?

Portland skyline and beautiful sky

A couple days ago there was a report from Gizmodo that in Turkey, someone stole a bridge. A real bridge, that crosses over things and not one that you put in your mouth.

Police figure that thieves took the 82′-wide bridge apart and lugged all 22 tons of it away and sold it for scrap metal, probably netting about $11,000.

Villagers use the bridge to access their orchards, and a resident, Mustafa KarakaƟ told Today’s Zaman that, “Now we have to take our socks off and cross the creek.”

The weird thing reports Gizmodo, is that a bridge in Pennsylvania had also recently “gone missing”. There, in 2011, an 50′ long steel bridge that was 20′ wide, likely netted bridge-nappers $100,000.

For more on the Turkey bridge-napping see: Gizmodo and from earlier Gizmodo archives, the USA bridge that is no longer.

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Photo credit: tusharkoley – Fotolia.com

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