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Hitchhiking octopus gets the ride of its life


The thought of an octopus suddenly finding you with its tentacles is enough to prompt waves of chills running down the spine and apparently, dolphins are no different.

Dolphin scientist Joan Gonzalvo got the surprise of her career when she noticed one bottlenose dolphin breaching the waters off western Greece with a passenger in tow:

“I have never seen anything like this…My hypothesis is that the dolphin might have attacked – tried to prey on the octopus – and somehow to avoid it the octopus just attached to the dolphin’s belly.”

Well, ‘belly’ is the nice way of saying what body part it was attached to, but we’ll leave that to your overactive imagination (it would be correct).

Full story at Ionian Dolphin Project via Grind TV.

Naughty animals.

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